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Trade With
a New Perspective

Trade Mini, Micro and Standard Futures contracts, starting from just $0.75 per Micro trade.
Capitalise on future market prices, hedge against volatility and diversify with ease and precision

Get an Edge
on the Markets

Leap into the future with an ideal offering,
optimised to boost your trading
Trade with the advanced features of MetaTrader 5 (MT5), optimised for futures trading, offering superior charting, algo trading, and real-time market data
Enjoy clear, low-cost trading with no hidden fees or inactivity charges, starting from just $0.75 per Micro contract per trade
Experience fast and secure transactions with multiple easy payment options, including credit cards
for Free
Boost your trading know-how with our free guides, webinars, and interactive lessons, suitable for all skill levels

Diverse Market

Trade Micro, Mini and Standard contracts across the most popular global assets
Learn more about what you can trade

Your Trading

Hedge against price fluctuations or speculate on future prices
of global commodities, currencies, and treasuries
  • Hedge Against
    Market Swings

    Use futures trading to shield your investments from price volatility or to bet on future market trends
  • Boost Your Positions
    with Leverage

    Control big contract values with a small investment, boosting your potential profits and helping you reach your financial targets more effectively
  • Diversify for
    Risk Management

    Diversify your investments across different assets to lower risk and broaden your opportunities
  • Enhanced

    Benefit from high liquidity in the futures markets, which makes it easier to enter and exit positions quickly and efficiently
  • Access to
    Global Markets

    Trade futures contracts on a wide range of international commodities, currencies, and financial instruments, opening up a world of investment opportunities
  • Short Selling Capabilities

    Utilise futures to try to profit from falling markets by short selling, a strategy not readily available in many other investment forms

The Broker
of the Future

  • Highly
    Authorised in 6 continents for strict regulatory compliance
  • 17 Years of Excellence
    A pioneering broker with a solid track record
  • Award-Winning
    Over 40 awards worldwide and counting
  • Global Presence
    Over 300,000 active clients in 150 countries
  • Top-Rated
    One of TrustPilot’s top-rated brokers